Fesitvals & Sports Events
When selecting a tent for a specific event or sports day, it is important to think of a few key factors:

The position, set-up and layout of the tent should be carefully planned to insure that the tent provides adequate protection from the elements. Wind, sun or rain could easily ruin your special event, but with Cutting Edge Tents a cosy hide out, or cool shady hide out can be created. An added bonus, the tents can easily be adapted and layout can be changed as weather conditions change during the day.

Colours and Branding
Tents are the ideal way to market a specific brand or product. Our tents come in a variety of colours to go along with your brand’s colour scheme and event theme for the day. Decorative inserts (stretch décor) can be used to add a secondary colour to match the logo or theme.

Allow enough time for our experts to setup the tent, adapt the layout to your requirements and make the necessary adjustments.

When tents are used for a larger sports or festival type safety is extremely important, therefore we advise you to make use of our team of expert riggers and staff to set up and secure the tent. Staff members can also remain on standby for the day if need be for you to change the layout of the tent during the day.
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