Tent Manufacturers
We manufacture tents in a variety of colours - see some examples below
Excellent choice for weddings and functions.
Corporate Events and Sport/Golf Days.
A canvas that can be decorated with colourful tent decor. Perfect for any event or small occasion.
A favourite at music festivals and functions. A warm and vibrant feeling.
A real show stopper. Excellent choice for branding or tent decor pieces.
The perfect colour for a more formal event or cocktail party.
Burnt Orange
A warm, cosy atmosphere is created, perfect for cigar lounges, bar tents or any other occasion.
Wow. Subtly, jet striking. Any colour decor will work well with this colour.
We manufacture tents in a variety of colours - see some examples below
Cutting Edge Tents are manufactured in SA according to the highest industry standards. Before manufacturing commence we will consider colour, shape, size and use. We will also take into consideration the tent décor and stretch décor.

Your Bedouin Stretch tents are manufactured according to the highest factory standards and are made from a durable weather proof material.

Bedouin tents can be used as a stand - alone tent or can be attached to a building as an extension or under cover patio.

The ideal solution for:
• Restaurants
• Street cafes
• Hotels
• Homes - braai, under cover stoop or on the terrace

Bedouin tents can vary in size from a small tent for a function or home use to a large tent for corporate functions or events.

Tents sizes can go up to 900 square meter - making it the ideal replacement for marquee tents. Bedouin tents are more flexible in style, shape and size and can easily be moved or changed according to weather conditions or purpose.

Our consultants will be able to assist you in making a decision regarding size.

If your budget doesn't allow for a custom manufactured tent or you simply want to try a variety of tents before making a decision, see our tent hiring section for various options.
Stretch Marquee Hiring Companies
Hiring companies form a principle part of our sales - this proof that our quality and service delivery is up to standard. There is an ever increasing demand for Bedouin Tents compare to older tent types, i.e. marquee tents. Bedouin tents can be pitched on different surfaces and even in smaller venues. The low cost of installation makes it a very attractive option for hiring companies. 

Cutting Edge's Bedouin Tents offer more than just cover and versatility; they are a dynamic décor tool available in almost any colour.
Add the correct lighting and stretch décor make for a brilliant striking feature at any event or occasion.

Many brides and bride-grooms want to have a wedding that is 'different' and 'spectacular', and this is easily achieved when using a Stretch Bedouin Tents. They have the unique ability to both compliment a "formal" white-wedding set up, and add a funky edge to your less traditional weddings. Wedding Venues are investing in Stretch Bedouin Tents, in order to offer their clients a complete package.

Restaurants, Nightclubs and Bars
With space often being a critical factor for these types of establishments. Stretch Bedouin Tents offer proprietors the opportunities to constantly change the look of their venues, by creating 'new' areas and spaces. In outside areas, they also protect their clients and guests from the elements in summer and winter, ensuring that they utilize all space(s) to the maximum.

Film Industry
With multiple set locations, 'extras' to be covered and crew meals to be served, Stretch Bedouin Tents, that can easily be moved and pitched, have become a common site, on and around film and commercial shoots.

With the Stretch Bedouin Tents ability to be erected on roof tops, courtyards, balconies and transform inside spaces, they offer new solutions and possibilities to corporations. With the latest branding technology, corporations are investing in Stretch Bedouin Tents as a marketing and brand awareness tool.

Private Sector
From 21st's to 50th Birthday parties, private individuals would like to celebrate at home. The ease in which a Stretch Bedouin Tents can incorporate garden features, vegetation, swimming pools and attach to exteriors to increase an interior space, makes this sector the fastest growing market for stretch tents.
Bedouin Tent Uses