Tent Décor
A innovate new and funky way to add live to your next event or special occasion. You can add colour, shapes and branding to your tent with smaller pieces of stretch tent fabric that are used in specific lighting. 

The stretch décor can create a statement and attract attention to any specific area in the tent. Different colour can be used to colour code specific areas.

When planning your wedding we usually rely on tablecloths, flowers and table arrangements to bring colour and a more cozy feel to the venue, but stretch tent décor can make a much bolder statement.

These stretch décor pieces can also be used indoors in for instance an entrance hall or larger assembly hall.

See our gallery for examples.


We have managed and worked at numerous corporate and social events, our experience makes us experts - ask us for suggestions
regarding flooring and lights.

We are able to create a variety setting by adjusting the placement and colours of lights and even create focal point pay placing complementary coloured light on the tent or stretch tent décor.