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Making tents to order is one of our passions. We know it is more cost effective to own your own tent, than to hire every time when there is an occasion. From small, intimate affairs to major festivals, wedding tent hire, and any event, our structures are all you need to provide a momentous experience to your guests.

Incredibly versatile, the tents are 100% water proof and have unbelievable wind resistance capabilities owing to their shape and tensioned support system.
There are unlimited varieties of styles, design and sizes to choose from. We are also able to custom make any design you might have in mind, to suit any theme or venue. Our Bedouin tents are infinitely flexible and capable of being set up differently every time by merely changing the height and positioning of the tent poles and fixtures. You can also add spectacular finishing touches with Stretch Décor and Lighting.

Our standard range of tent colours suits most requirements. However, if you need a particular colour to suit your brand or fit with a special setting we can match any colour for you.
Depending on your venue, we can supply a tent up to 600 square meters!

Before deciding on a tent size, contact one of our consultants to discuss your requirements. We have approximate size guidelines that can be used to calculate the amount of space required.

When contacting us please be sure to mention your seating arrangements, number of guests, special events or happenings, stage or dance floor, bar or reception area required.

Guidelines to help you work out an approximate size:

Formal seating arrangements with tables and chairs provided for all guests: 1.9- 2.6 m˛ per person

For more informal functions with either a dance floor and smaller bar tables without chairs 1.1 - 1.6 m˛

Be sure to add a little extra for bar, stage or dance floors.
We also manufacture tents small enough for home use or simply more frequent use. The flexibility of the tents allow for many different uses. The smaller tents can be used as a mini gazebo at the beach, braai or next family gathering.  The smaller tents are easy to pitch and easy to breakdown and store.
Cutting Edge only supply tents in a high quality fabric that is both resistant to UV damage, waterproof and wind resistant.

Our selected high quality fabric makes this tent ideal for any special occasion as it can guard your guests from the elements. Our breathable fabric and flexibility of the material allows us create the perfect atmosphere - cool in summer, yet warmer in winter time. The layout and structure will also allow for ventilation.

The fabric water resistant properties makes it an ideal option for events or occasions held at winter time.
Our bedouin tents can either be used for a single event or used for longer time periods as a semi-permanent structure.

Semi-permanent tents can be used at restaurants to create additional under cover seating areas, at houses or office space.

The tents can be used at your house to create a undercover patio area or simply for extra shade next to the pool.
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We manufacture tents in a variety of colours - see some examples below
Excellent choice for weddings and functions.
Corporate Events and Sport/Golf Days.
A canvas that can be decorated with colourful tent decor. Perfect for any event or small occasion.
A favourite at music festivals and functions. A warm and vibrant feeling.
A real show stopper. Excellent choice for branding or tent decor pieces.
The perfect colour for a more formal event or cocktail party.
Burnt Orange
A warm, cosy atmosphere is created, perfect for cigar lounges, bar tents or any other occasion.
Wow. Subtly, jet striking. Any colour decor will work well with this colour.